Small Business & Design 101: Custom Website vs Social Media

Manage your content, control your marketing and engage your audience in your own space. Drive traffic to your business with a custom website. Use your marketing tools correctly and organize your data for business growth.  Cre8tive Media can help. 

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Entrepreneurs beware! Social media platforms are NOT interchangeable as your custom website. One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make, is conducting business activities online through their social media inboxes and personal emails.

A Custom Website is Your Space on the Web

While these options seem convenient, you are losing the ability to control and document business correspondence professionally. 

This is very important for those looking to grow their companies and moving toward investors to finance your venture. Often, getting the EIN number, business license and office space are the first things that is considered when presenting a professional image. Having a custom website can do this.

Although these things are important, its more important to document your progress and having the ability to show where you started. 

Day to day operations and cash flow are proof of commerce. Managing records for these processes gives your business a numerical value. It’s essentially your investment versus your return. Did you break even, did you make a profit or are you in the red? Use your custom website to see results. 

Social Media works as an extension of your custom website, it should not be used in lue of. In doing so you only drive traffic to the social media platform. New users with no account are fair game and catch ads from others, maybe never even seeing your content at all. Think twice about your business goals, if this is what you are doing.

Organization is the key to Growth

Think about the best idea in the world and presenting to an investor and they request information on business activity and day to operations?

If you are conducting all yourVisual Site Map for Custom Web Design for The Ollena Center business online through social media, how difficult will it be to sort through piles of correspondence to document your customer base, conversions, leads and share this in a professional manner? 

With my 20 years’ experience in business, organization is the key to longevity and growth. I challenged myself to develop a platform to educate growing business owners in building their brands and growing their efforts. Any of the posts created here, are designed to provide insight on how to do this successfully. We are a creative marketing agency with our feet on the ground and what makes us different is our background in Entrepreneurial Development and Marketing. Cre8tive Media designs effective marketing tools to share a company’s vision with the world, but we also help you refine the way you execute this.

Extend Your Marketing Reach

Social Media is and extension of your marketing and designed to help you connect with valuable customers.

The goal is to have a place toStreamline your work process with downloadable business forms on your Custom Website Design drive traffic to, so that you may be able to build, manage and distribute content in multiple ways. Since there so many different social media platforms, having your own website and blog gives you a place to guide customer to learn more about your business, communicate directly with the company. 

The importance of tracking growth in different areas starts with content management, audience engagement and efficiently using insights panels from your own website dashboard. This gives you the ability to track responses to your marketing and where it came from. Your website dashboard can show you exactly how many hits came from which social media platform and which ads were more effective by tracking time frames of leads pushed to the site. Social media dashboards provide numbers but having your own dynamic website gives you a checks and balances to verify the results, reported by social media.


Our custom websites are designed to help each client market with ease and track marketing results.

Cre8tive Media’s brand review gives you an idea of where you are with your business and Entrepreneurial Marketing Training course helps guide using the tools to measure efforts, to get you where you want to be.

  1. Do you want to grow your business?

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Look at Cre8tive Media’s Business Development page and service options under Branding and Marketing. There is a wealth of information designed to provide you with insight on the services, their function and a reliable resource to provide the services.

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