Cre8tive Media is so much more than a design agency. We are a visual communications firm built on a foundation of Business Development for small business entrepreneurs.

While the SBA reports viable small business startup as earning $374k per year, many of us have yet to reach that number. However this is possible with the right marketing action plan and Business Development.

Business Development starts with us as the owner and grows with the investment we make in our dream. Business development is the act of creating a foundation for an idea to become a business. Those who can work the crowd do, others of us may have to employ the skills of another negotiating savvy, individual to work along side us to get the job done.  Where are you in the process ?

In general a good business plan is the meat and potatoes of your goal setting, but Business Development & Branding for The Portable Protector Seatwhat’s in a business plan? We want to make sure you not only have one but expand on the marketing component, get the proper representation when delivering your message to your target audience and that you marketing plan helps you plant your brand in the mind of consumers, that need what you have to offer. Business Development is the key and we combined this experience with branding and visual communications to create a powerful presence for your company.

The goal is the harness the power of marketing using social media, one form of passive marketing and marketing research to build your dream. Utilizing these tools Cre8tive Media can guide you to a place of success sooner, than later. Our consulting and branding services coordinated around the client needs. Depending on where you are in the process could help you.  So, whether you have started your business or not, get an experienced partner who specializing in prioritizing your business needs and elevating your goals to completion. Schedule an appointment to speak with someone about your business. TODAY. 

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