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Cre8+ Powerful Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs


cropped-Red-Conference-Room1.jpgHere at Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc., we are always looking to add to our team and we are looking for the brightest and the best to really capture our place in the market. Customer service is number one in our eyes and we want to provide a skilled team that understands our mission to educate small business owners about the creative process of marketing design. We provide viable solutions to visual communications problems for growing small businesses and we enjoy doing it. Everything we create at this company must reflect integrity and awesomeness that help enhance the brands of our clients. While we are driven by excellence we still want to have fun in the work place and keep our employees motivated to provide the most extraordinary but relevant spins on our creative services projects.

We are searching for innovative and confident creative services professionals who are interested in putting their ideas to work at Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc. In return, we want to work with you to develop your skills and allow your talent to shine! As we do so, it is our desire to put you in the drivers seat of your career. We do this by allowing your talent to help build a compensation package that continues to fuel your creativity with the company for years to come. We need dedicated individuals ready for work because here at Cre8tive Media, #FailureIsNotAnOption and we eat sleep and breath great design that helps our clients, “Get More Clients Everywhere, because Presentation Is Everything”.

  • Competitive Pay
  • Direct Deposit/ACH
  • 120 Probationary Period
  • 2 Weeks Paid Training
  • Monthly Employment Review for 120 days
  • Eligible for Medical Benefits in 120 days
  • Eligible for New Account Bonus of 20% After Six Months
  • Eligible for Profit Sharing after 24 Months
  • Eligible for Paid Accrued Leave 4 hrs per pay period After Six Months
  • Eligible for 1 Week Paid Vacation After 12 Months


If you are interested in working for Cre8tive Media, submit your resume using the form below with questions, comments and suggestions. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. We will contact eligible candidates to follow up.





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