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Business Development

Business Development starts with founding partners and extends to supporting staff and grows with the investment we make in our dream. Business development is the act of creating a foundation for an idea to become a business.

Business Branding

Your brand is your promise to the consumer. Its commmunicated through differernt visual and non tangible channels. The message you send out when the consumer, simply thinks of your name. Its about the finding a unique but relavant voice. 

Business Marketing

Marketing is the act of teaching the consumer why they should choose your product or service over the competitors.Marketing is best identified by what is referred to as the 4 P’s. The marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. 

Cre8tive Media Has Grown!

We are a creative agency immersed in facilitating the growth of businesses of all sizes through business development, marketing research and creative services. 

There is a growing segment of new startups regarded as micro enterprise. This group is marginalized with big marketing firms due to weakness in stability, capital and sustainability. We have focused our attention on an untapped market for some time and are ready to incorporate what we have learned into a new plan that will to better to assist clients who need continuous service in business development and branding.

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Cre8tive Media is More than Graphic Design!

Ms Rae Lowery CEO of Cre8tive Media: Entrepreneur BrandingWe are a skilled creative agency designing solutions, to meet the creative services needs  for businesses of any size, through visual communications that enhance  the quality of presentation for products and services. Through comprehensive branding techniques and market research, we are able to help create a presence for many new and established companies that are rebranding.

While many of our clients have previously worked with freelance artists and graphic designers, we bring a competitive edge with a unique non traditional design style that creates a powerful presence, across multiple marketing channels for our clients.  We do this through research, planning,  marketing strategy and branding education for our clients.


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Build Your Brand with Confidence

BUSINESS GOAL: As founder and a creative professional with Cre8tive Media Design Firm, I strive to make a difference in the world by sharing insight with our business clients, that focuses on strategy to  improve their branding, with professional visual communications services.

Looking at the big picture allows us review key components that make a full branding campaign successful. We work with our clients in a fashion that is personable and detail oriented, in order to document and help prioritize design needs. Our overall goal is to create a positive working experience and help each client get connected to more of their ideal clients.


IDEAL CONNECTION: An ideal connection for us would be outsourcing small to midsize businesses with no internal marketing or design department. In addition we are also searching for big business that have set aside contract for growing small businesses in creative services. Companies such as Home Depot, Chase Bank, Comcast, Cox Cable and Coca Cola.

We also work with new business owners and want to help each client, experience the results that effective branding creates.


  • Client Intake and Pre Design Application
  • Project Scope research based on details from Pre-Design Application
  • Cre8tive Brief and Written Estimate
  • Deposit/Account Secured
  • Contract/Payment Schedule
  • Industry Research for the Company’s Nearest Competitors
  • Market Research for the Company’s Ideal Client
  • Project Execution
  • Revision Period
  • Delivery

Cre8tive Media is a Powerful Resources for Creative Development

Small Business Big Results