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Case Study 2: Green Giant Lawncare Services


Green Giant Lawn Care Services is an emerging small business in the metro Atlanta area. As a developing company, was seeking marketing to jump start business based on a pre-existing but reinvented concept. The company’s owner had previously invested in art work for the logo, but art was design by hand.


Green Giant Lawn Care Services needed artwork converted to a more versatile format to be used with existing brand. Brand also need additional development and character “little Cory” worked out well.


Revamp image to add detail and create in a vector format. Character was later defined with company colors which reflected an outdoor service orientation. This change allowed the are to be used in multiple different ways from apparel to mail. As a vector base, the art was able scale with legibility and be use on various types of marketing materials and substrates. (Signs, garments, and more)


Client desired to apply the logo to brochures, business cards,  T-shirts and signage. Keeping  consistent with the brand and enhancing the quality of presentation, Green Giant Lawn Care Service can really make an impact changes implemented at Cre8tive Media Design Firm.

We worked with the owner of this small business to recreate hand illustrated logo for Green Giant Lawn Care. Utilizing Illustrator and Photoshop, the detail of the design was captured.
Here you can see and isolation of the original hand drawn illustration. Art was scanned and forwarded directly from client as a reference for a digital drawing.
After working with team mate Eddie Towns, for the wire frame of the illustration Rae Lowery added small details on the shirt, hat and lawn mower. These paces were airbrushed for color presentation.
Having the digital illustration and new construction of Green Giant Lawn care Services logo creates versatility for marketing on many different platforms. It was used on T-Shirts and Social Media.

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