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Case Study 1: Changing Faces Inc.

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Changing Faces Inc is a not for profit organization built on empowerment of the community through providing housing for youths in transition. The company is parent to Rise Up Transitional Facility and Rise Up Children’s Home. The founders of this organization saw a great need for structure through care and are providing an alternative to keep our children out of juvenile jailing systems and in the education system, by providing a stable home where the children are able to start rebuilding their lives.


As a growing organization the executive of Changing Faces Inc has a vision to make a difference in the lives of many.Through organized fundraising events which engage youth and provide positive networking activities, Changing Faces is seeing this vision through. The company needed a logo which speaks to professionalism and a brand which speaks


While working with the members of their board Cre8tive Media Design Firm was able to design a logo that demonstrated the strength that the company needed. From there we used demographics for the organizations target market to strategically place imagery that helps Changing Faces Inc. step out from competitors. See the visual communications solutions provided below.

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