Case Study 3: The albinism Alliance Group

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The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) is a pioneer in its field of nonprofit social advocacy work in the albinism community. The organization was co-founded by three inspirational people who partnered to create a platform where persons with albinism could share their experiences, in a positive and organized way. What’s new about the happenings of the organization, is it’s exponential growth in 2016.

In the beginning there were three and today there are 300+ members in the organizations portal, thanks to exposure on social media such networks as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Lee G. Edwards, Rae Lowery and Demetria Cuenca have worked with other members of the group to create a foundation for the grassroots venture that started to as a hub in the African American community, to bridge the gap and be a representation for minorities with albinism.


The group has grown and the marketing needs for the company has changed significantly. With the now hundreds of members, The Albinism Alliance Group (TAAG) desired to build a website that would allow them to spotlight community leaders, who are doing the most to change the negative perception of persons with albinism by featuring  the upbeat change in battling the limitations of low vision. People are challenging themselves in  careers, education and their home life.

While social media is excellent for gathering, it has its limits to hosting and storing mounds of valuable information, that needs to be delivered to the public in an organized non-threaded fashion. The groups original mission is the same, but it has evolved into a connection for special interests groups and offering insight to parents of children with albinism, by publishing good examples of how to live positively with low vision limitations. The President Rae Lowery along with administrative staff voted to launch a new website in 2013 to match its re-brand developed in 2008.


Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc, has launched it’s foundation working with non-profit organizations such as the National Federation of the Blind of Ga, VSAarts of Ga, and Center for the Visually Impaired’s S.T.A.R.S. program. The Albinism Alliance Group is an affiliate of each of these, so it was awesome to work with members of the organization to build a critically needed website and make sure that it suited the needs of members. We were able integrate the print marketing into web and online accessible content, through the use of widgets and icons which linked the non-profits social media networks to it’s website.

  • All of the company’s print brochures were then converted to e-brochures and made available online, for immediate download.
  • Information originally stored in electronic articles, are now able to become content for the pages of the website.
  • Also, the company was able to add a web based formed to build membership providing more options over, simply using email versions of print forms.
  • The print membership form was made fillable and added to downloadable content.
  • In the next phase of the website, we will add eCommerce features that will allow the group to connect with supporters, who want to donate online. Take a  look at the growth in the marketing materials below.

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The custom logo design for The Albinism Alliance Group was created to signify unity and imply a family unity based on albinism and relative characteristics. Specification for the logo was designed to be used across multiple medias.

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The color red was selected to draw on the power the color projects and the them was “strength” in numbers as signified by the creation of the group. Branding carried over into print media and online content. Stationary and social media marketing.

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Web development and design were handled with an air of professionalism to ensure that it appealed to the masses. The process entailed research and planning for a broad spectrum audience.  The colorful, yet clean style of design creates interest but communicates continuity. The website features a host of information for relating to low vision, careers and grass roots support groups for persons with Albinism.

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Branding is used on garments used to help create awareness of INCLUSION.  T-shirts that allow supporters to join the cause, HELP raise funds for community events that bring persons in the albinism community together. Members are encouraged to share their experience and take photos and post to social media to show their support. With the hashtag #Albinism and “Celebrating The Beauty Of Albinism”

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The Albinism Alliance Group is getting the word out about community effort using Facebook Groups and Social Media. The Fan Page created on Facebook is the hub of communication, shared directly from the Blog and website. This connection allows the organization to increase it’s web presence by sharing fresh web content often. This has helped increase member ship from three to 523 members over the course of 13 years of community effort.

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With the ability to reach more individual with fewer syllables and quick post, The Albinism Alliance Group uses Twitter for real time communication with followers and members. The marketing channels uses are important to keep potential supporter engaged and informed about changes in the albinism community.The organization increased its online marketing ability by using Google+, Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with content from its Website’s Blog.

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