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Meet the Team

Cre8tive Media is professional creative services provider & we have been offering powerful graphic design services for emerging businesses and contractors around the world via our cre8tivesphere for 15+ years!

The company was founded in 1997 and with an excellent team of illustrators,  copy writers, and back end programmers. Entrepreneurs need branding, marketing strategy and powerful graphic design to become successful. We are able to accomplish great things in the industry of design and content development because we understand the business and marketing needs of entrepreneurs. We are excited to work with you for branding and social media content design. It is our goal to help you establish your business on a solid foundation.


We have served over 150 small businesses in various demographics and worked closelly with business owners and internal marketing teams to design dynamic branding content and graphic design, to create a powerful presence across multiple channels and mediums. Cre8tive Media has been diligent to educate small business owners, on the importance of effective marketing design.

Contact us for more information or to place your design project on our schedule. Cre8tive Media is adamant about providing quality services and pushing the envelope, in a good way. To bring our clients the superior graphics we rely on our design partners to make this happen. With a powerful team of experienced programmers, illustrators, and designers your business’ vision can become tangible.

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