Custom Logo Design for Business Events, Branding and More!

Corporate Identity & Intellectual Property

Corporate identity and Branding is using  a combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that a firm employs to make a statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy. 

It is an enduring symbol of how a firm views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it. Unlike corporate image (which is ‘in there’ changeable mental impression), corporate identity is ‘out there’ sensory-experience conveyed by things such as buildings, décor, logo, name, slogan, stationery, uniforms, and is largely unaffected by its financial performance and ups and downs in its fortunes. Corporate-identity is either strong or weak (not positive, negative, or neutral like a corporate image) and is more or less permanent unless changed deliberately. Take a look at a few logos we have designed to fit our clients corporate identity. We would love to work with you! 

Our Creative Process

Work with each client to listen to their needs for developing their business and generating a customer base.

Taking notes and prioritizing them and sharing the schedule with the client for confirmation.

From there we want to help our clients refine their target audience and by researching industry trends narrow strategy to connect the client with the ideal customer.