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Marketing Action Plan 1 (Excel Active Chart)

In our recent online workshop, Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur we have discussed key components to

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help you get started marketing your business. We have gone through essential marketing and branding terminology. Cre8tive Media is doing our best to push the envelope and make sure we guide you along the path of success.

Marketing Action Plan (PDF) Template

Click on the image above to get to our discrete check out to purchase your marketing action plan template. Two options are available. PDF version is a single print out that you can hand write in your answers or automate on your own with adobe acrobat. Our Excel version is set up to type into and is fully automated. No pesky formulas to haggle with.

Just type the number of interactions with each effort of the active or passive marketing categories. Tally anticipated for the week.  Review at the beginning and end of each week. Tally at the end of the year. Be sure to tally your Follow ups for results. Below are other samples that you can use to build your own template. Thank you for connecting with us. Look for more marketing tips and tools to help you on your way to success.


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