Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch and Apple iPad Pro

Stay creative and Productive

How the Cintiq and iiPad Pro Compliment Each Other. These two work so well together instead of pitting them against one another, they should be celebrated together. For me Wacom Cintiq and the iPad Pro are a package deal, to remain creative and productive while away from my desk. I recently made and investment in switching from Android Mobile devices to Apple iPad Pro 9′ and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Also acquired the Apple Pencil form the Apple Store at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, Georgia. (North of Metro Atlanta) A year previous, i started working with the Wacom Cintq, 27 QHD …

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Do the Math on Graphic Design

Do you want Good or Great Design? Overview There are thousands of people dabbling in creative services as a fall back career, but do you want good or great design? A trained professional can assist you with technique… Good marketing means, its effective with generating leads and that you can easily track results. Any flyer, logo, or business card won’t do the trick. If you are investing in your business, then you need to see a viable return. Average start-up budgets for a micro business/independent contractor is $500.00 – $1500.00. That could include a professionally design logo, business card, and …

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