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E2E is Entrepreneur Branding & Presentation

with Powerful Graphic Design that Grows Small Businesses

We Are a design firm instituted through entrepreneurship to create brands for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur branding is our full time passion. E2E marketing is a term we’ve coined, that reflects an under Ms Rae Lowery CEO of Cre8tive Media: Entrepreneur Brandingrepresented segment of small business regarded as micro enterprise. We are skilled at design presentations and visual communications that enhance  quality of small business products and services, through comprehensive branding. While many of our clients have previously worked with freelance artists and graphic designers, we bring a competitive edge with a unique non traditional design style that creates a branding presence for our clients.  We do this through research, planning,  marketing strategy and branding education for growing small business entrepreneurs.

BUSINESS GOAL: As founder and a creative professional with Cre8tive Media Design Firm, I strive to make a difference in the world by sharing insight with small business owners. We focus on strategy improve their branding, with professional visual communications services. Looking at the big picture allows us review key components that make a full branding campaign successful. We work with our clients in a fashion that is personable and detail oriented, in order to document and help prioritize design needs. Our overall goal is to create a positive experience and help each client get connected to more of their ideal clients. Continue below to learn more, if you are ready to get started schedule you FREE 15 minute Consultation today. I’ll call you and we can speak over google hangouts, facebook messanger or phone.


Build Your Brand with Confidence

IDEAL CONNECTION: An ideal connection for us would be an established entrepreneur that has branding in place and due to positive growth, the additions of new products or goals to redirect services, need to re brand. We also work with new business owners and want to help each client, experience the results that effective branding creates. Entrepreneur branding project flow is as following:


  • Client Intake and Pre Design Application
  • Project Scope research based on details from Pre-Design Application
  • Cre8tive Brief and Written Estimate
  • Deposit/Account Secured
  • Contract/Payment Schedule
  • Industry Research for the Company’s Nearest Competitors
  • Market Research for the Company’s Ideal Client
  • Project Execution
  • Revision Period
  • Delivery

Powerful Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs Because Presentation is Everything

Cre8tive Media Design Firm wants to be your go to for graphic design services. We are focused on bringing your company the best in integrated marketing. We can provide graphic design, re-branding, marketing materials redevelopment as well as web development & search engine optimization. We specialize in making your business’ first impression unforgettable! Get your new website, logo, business card and marketing materials working with us today! Stay in touch with us on Facebook and check out our location page for current specials and to join our mailing list.


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