What is Advertising and Promotional Design?

Successful advertising connects a product or service with interested consumers. Through eye-catching visuals and clever copy writing, ads try to influence the public into purchasing the product. Promotional design brings wider appeal through direct mail pieces, fliers, coupons, websites and store displays.

Advertising takes place in various forms, including magazines, posters, TV commercials, radio spots, signs, newspaper ads, billboards, vehicle banners, Internet ads. A logo, contact information or date can be printed on practically any material and turned into an advertisement—hats, shirts, cups, umbrellas and much more!  Below are samples of product and service promotions from Cre8tive Media Design.

Creative Vision

Cre8tive Media Design Firm is dedicated to building positive working relationships with small businesses seeking and opportunity to redevelop their image to reach a new Splash Page 2015-2segment of their target market. It is our desire to deliver consistency through creative design. We are a graphic design firm with strength in branding and corporate identity. We specialize in providing a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression because we understand as a business grows its marketing needs change. As a result marketing tools are revamped to create an image which speaks to the vision and marketing goals of the company.  With 10+ years of service to over 150+ small businesses take a look at what we have been up to!




This includes anything with a company’s logo on it to establish a visual brand.  Cohesiveness and consistency are imperative in this process. Collateral design is printed material used to provide information about your business and give it an image.  This includes anything with a company’s logo on it to establish a visual brand. Cohesiveness and consistency are imperative in this process. Business cards are the most powerful marketing tool.  They are the least expensive form of advertising, and provide a lasting, tangible impression after a personal meeting.

Brochures tell others what you do and how you can help them through a booklet that grabs attention and makes the sale.  The point of these is to sell the service by providing a thorough overview that invites the client to desire the product, or more information about the product. Customize your proposal with your branding and increase the closure rate!



Corporate identity is a combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that a firm employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business FB_IMG_1447993398336

philosophy. It is an enduring symbol of how a firm views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it. Unlike corporate image (which is ‘in there’ changeable mental impression), corporate identity is ‘out there’ sensory-experience conveyed by things such as buildings, décor, logo, name, slogan, stationery, uniforms, and is largely unaffected by its financial performance and ups and downs in its fortunes. Corporate-identity is either strong or weak (not positive, negative, or neutral like a corporate image) and is more or less permanent unless changed deliberately.


Social Media Ad for Facebook with the rise of internet marketing whether it be a custom website or social media, a new business has many options to extend their brand. Cre8tive Media is working to build a foundation which Ollena Finshed Project Presentationcatapults the image of an organization into each realm of their target audience. Generally speaking businesses have to create multiple opportunities for the consumer to see their brand before it becomes ingrained. Statistics show that it takes about eight encounters with a client to get them interested in services and products. With custom graphics and interactive marketing customized for a brand, this becomes easier to do.


By working with Cre8tive Media, you can close the deal by adding custom graphics that reinforce your brand on your social media pages, which drive traffic to your website. There, potential clients become familiar with your company’s culture and are able to see features and benefits which, push sales.  Below are examples of custom graphics for use with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and online marketing.



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